Our Team

Mitch Cohen

Mitchell Cohen is one of our operators working at CSA, his friends here lovingly refer to him as “Mitch”, I’m sure there’s one hell of a story behind that one. I was shocked to hear Mitch (hopefully that nickname’s not reserved for close friends and family) does not support any sporting teams, but it all made sense when I asked his hobbies and he responded with “gym”.

Local boy Mitch lives with his girlfriend, 2 kids and their “blue thing” (fish), I’m not sure how big this fish is but it must take up a lot of his time as he mentioned gym is his only hobby. Mitch seems to have quite the adventurous tasting palette, with his favourite drink being water and favourite food being chicken. I know right? Exciting!! Not even sparkling water and chicken scaloppini… just water and chicken.

Mitch has worked for CSA for over 2 and a half years, we’ll just quietly ignore the fact that he left to work somewhere else for a while, there’s obviously nowhere quite like CSA because he returned home to us after a few months of leaving, don’t worry Mitch, we missed you too. I ask everyone about any embarrassing stories they have from working here at CSA, I think they are all too scared to answer but Mitch did say I should ask Rob, I’m not sure what they’re hiding but it sounds like it could be a laugh. Mitch was however, brave enough to tell me what he thought of the head honcho, although he quickly covered his ‘rear’ by saying “that’s until you get to know him”, don’t worry Clint, it wasn’t all bad. Mitch was quite excited to tell me who the most famous person he had met was, I’d hate to kiss and tell so we might just leave it there, it’s been fun guys… I’ll be back!!!

Seamus Daly

Seamus Daly, or Shamey as his friends like to call him (not that he admitted that) has been a civil operator and supervisor here at CSA for a year and half, it pays to have friends in high places, getting a call from the boss with a job offer is never a bad day. Like any good Irishman Seamus loves his beer and his soccer, or ‘football’ if you will, I guess it helps being an avid Manchester United supporter, seeing as they rarely lose, but I’m still not sure how he keeps up with such a snooze worthy game (sorry Seamus).

I didn’t get a lot out of Seamus, being a rather quiet guy, around the office girls at least, but he did manage to mention his love for Corona and steak, typical Aussie bloke style, if you ignore the accent at least. His ideal holiday is hot sun, warm sand and cool waters, so I’d say it was a pretty good move leaving Ireland for sunny old, well mostly raining and sometimes sunny old Melbourne.

Luckily for Seamus when he doesn’t get the presents he wants for Christmas he has a second chance on his birthday two days later, unluckily for Seamus, there’s no more presents for 363 days. When I asked Seamus his Christmas traditions his answer was “Turkey and ham”, I didn’t know whether to ask him to expand or just assume he’s going to eat them.

Wes Millar

Wes Wesley Weasel Millar has been more than happy to have a laugh at the other boy’s profiles but let’s see what he thinks when the cameras pointed on him. Well, where to start with Wes, the man talked my ear off, so you wouldn’t think this would be hard.

Wes is our trusty Business Development Manager who’s currently taking the reins as Operations Manager here at CSA. Wes has known Clint and Rob (the bosses) for over 33 years, since Rob was a little tacker running around in diapers so I don’t think I need to explain how he got the job at CSA. This long term relationship means Wes was not afraid to express his first impressions of Clint, although it wasn’t too painful, describing him as an information sponge that thrives off getting to know people, making him a friendly and down to earth boss, but enough about Clint.

Wes has described himself as loyal, funny and passionate, although he may have ruffled one too many feathers as the office girls didn’t exactly agree. In all fairness, close friends of Wes’ here at CSA say he’s charismatic and entertaining and he gets the job done. Let’s be honest, we’d all be bored without his cheeky charm.

Wes is a softy at heart, his greatest accomplishment is his beautiful 17 year old daughter, and he proudly shares his safety beach home with his maltese shih Tzu called Sabina. If that doesn’t convince you this probably will, Wes recently spoiled his girlfriend with a seafood banquet on the beach for Valentines day, you don’t even need to ask Wes about his girlfriend and he will happily boast about the fox that she is. So if Wes ever tries to scare you with his huffing and puffing, just remember… he’s a big softy that lives with a dog that can fit in his purse!!

When I asked Wes to tell me the last song playing on his iphone, he took a suspiciously long time to find the answer, and… I’m not gonna lie guys, I’m sure I heard a bit of Justin Bieber before we got to The Rolling Stones “Sympathy for the devil”, secrets out now Wes.