Boat Fire Clean Up – Yarra River

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  • Yarra Boat Fire Clean Up Melbourne CSA Specialised
  • Yarra boat fire clean up Melbourne

CSA helped in the clean-up from a suspicious fire on a former party boat on the Yarra River. The abandoned tourist boat was destroyed by fire near Banana Alley Wharf on the Yarra River. The remains of the 20 by 8 metre long vessel sank and pollution booms around the area was set up. CSA educted the diesel and oil from the boat which had come up to the surface of the water. We skimmed all the top of the surface of the water to get rid of the contaminated water and also sucked up all the fire debris, the ash and the burnt timber and any debris that was floating on the water was sponged off. CSA sucked it all and cleaned it all up.

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