Helping to Keep Port Phillip Bay Clean

CSA recently completed a large scale inspection, cleaning and repair job for Melbourne Water (MWB) and its contractor Fulton Hogan (FHE). The EPA were recently notified, by way of resident complaints, that diesel fuel was making its way into Port Phillip Bay through a MWB Storm Water Asset.

CSA CCTV Inspection team was called in initially to determine the entry point of the diesel and the structural state of the MWB asset. Diesel was found to be entering the storm water line some two meters from the curb in Williams Town Road in Port Melbourne.

The drain required refurbishing due to the extensive damage caused by the diesel and the age of the asset. CSA employed several specialised tools in order to clean and repair the drainage system but this was not before the need to cap the drain at the edge of the Bay. Due to the drainage system being tidal this was no easy task.

Plugging the drain at the edge of the bay was no simple task and one that few would take on. The drain has a diameter of 1800mm a size that most people could easily walk down.

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