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Our Safety Team

Meet our HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) team who ensure the safety and care of all workers at CSA.


Our OH&S team is continually developing to ensure our workers are kept healthy and safe in our workplace. Nikki and Cassie, two of our OH&S leaders, are responsible for on site documentation such as SWMS and risk assessments, as well as incidents, reports and investigations. They are also responsible for work cover and return to work, ensuring our workers are healthy when returning to work and it's safe for them to begin modified duties. Rebecca is our third OH&S leader and is a crucial part of the team. Bec oversees and coordinates the operators inductions which is essential to ensure our operators know how to work safely on each work site they visit. Rebecca is also responsible for on boarding and assisting with OH&S admin. Under the leadership of our OH&S team, it is the responsibility of every staff member at CSA to ensure their own and their co-workers health and safety in the workplace.

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