CCTV Drain & Sewer Inspections Melbourne



CSA offers state of the art CCTV video capture technology to assess the structural integrity of new and existing drains, pipes and sewers ranging from 50mm to 2400mm. The high resolution images help provide a crystal clear indication of pipe condition and potential defects. Reports are generated and supplied on various electronic media as required.

Plumbers once had to guess what problems were occurring inside the pipes of your home or business. The plumber might charge for hours and hours of labour to discover one small problem or no problem at all. CCTV drain inspection changes this paradigm completely. Because we offer drain camera inspection Melbourne, our company provides customers with specific answers to questions they have about their plumbing. CCTV inspection Melbourne can save a plumber hours and hours of labour by quickly discovering issues in the pipes.

Step #1: Inserting the Camera

Our Melbourne CCTV drain inspections crew will turn off the water and sewage to the house or building before beginning any work. They will find an open pipe near the shut-off valve and then insert a specialized camera into the system. The camera will slide inside the pipe and send images back to the inspection crew's computer.

The computer displays exactly what the camera sees. This information will tell the crew if there is a leak, a clog or other damage to the pipe. Our Melbourne sewer and drain inspection crew can use this information to begin repairs.

Step #2: Repairing and Unclogging

Repairing and unclogging the drain or sewer is the job for our sewer CCTV inspection professionals. Our crew may need to flush the system with a piece of high-pressure water equipment to remove the clog. The process could also involve digging a trench to pull up a broken pipe and replace it. Our crew can also do a trenchless repair that requires a camera with a small probe attached.

Step #3: Saving Time and Money

Businesses and homeowners that overspend on labour charges for a plumbing crew can cut those costs greatly by turning to us for high-tech plumbing solutions. Our inspection crew only takes a few minutes to find the problem and can fix it almost immediately. CCTV drain inspection technology makes these repairs affordable because the same drain camera inspection Melbourne crew that probes the pipes will also complete the repairs, often during the very same service call.

Utilizing CSA's CCTV inspection Melbourne options for your plumbing or sewer is ideal. Our sewer CCTV inspection crew can quickly sniff out problems in your system; by reviewing the camera footage, we can decide how to best solve your problem. Your Melbourne drain inspections crew handles the repair, and you can live comfortably knowing all the pipes in your home are working properly. Professional sewer inspection Melbourne makes even the most difficult plumbing repairs possible.


Closed circuit television (CCTV) inspections have become the standard method for inspecting the condition of the inside of underground pipe infrastructure, providing information about their condition and areas where deterioration and damage require pipes to be repaired or replaced. CCTV inspections also verify that pipes have been repaired and correctly installed. With streets now  becoming increasingly congested underground with  a virtual web of telecommunication cables, gas, water, sewer and other network assets, the ability to accurately identify and locate these services from above ground efficiently is critical to the safety personnel, productivity / profitability and reputation of many businesses.
With the growth of Laser Profiling technology, CSA Specialised Services is using laser power to provide clients with the world’s most advanced pipe profiling service. The ClearLine Laser Profiler when used as a video survey tool , can provide accuracy up to 1mm when measuring pipe size, deformation, erosion, encrustation, debris, grease, flows, lateral protrusion, surface damage and holes. This provides the user with the ability to accurately determine the amount of damage contained in a pipe asset. The laser profiler attachment shows the actual shape of the pipe while the software can predetermine the correct pipe shape and calculate the difference between the two.
Laser technology does not replace conventional CCTV inspections, but compliments them, providing valuable data previously unavailable to system owners and project engineers.

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