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Hydro Demolition Services

In Victoria, Hydro concrete demolition is the preferred choice when it comes to removing concrete from buildings, bridges, dams, tunnels or any other concrete structures. High pressure water blasting safely removes concrete without causing stress fractures or damaging the structural integrity of the remaining concrete. This method is extremely effective in exposing reinforced steal, expansion joints and rebar without causing damage, along with breaking out concrete to the desired measurements. Hydro demolition is a fast and cost-effective solution for all concrete break out and scabbling applications for surface preparation. The application can be delivered through the use of robotics and hand operated gun works.

CSA uses high-pressure water to seamlessly remove damaged concrete, asphalt, and grout, ensuring precision and safety. This innovative method not only preserves the structural integrity of the remaining concrete but also offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional demolition methods.

High-Pressure Water Blasting Services

High Pressure water blasting is a fast and effective way to remove rust, epoxy, paint, dirt, rubber, oil or any other hard to remove substances without damaging the steal from which the unwanted product is cleaned. Removing all unwanted materials is crucial before industrial coatings can be applied. CSA has perfected this process and can provide solutions to all surface preparation requirements.

  • 3D Tank Cleaning Head works (removes need for confined space entry)
  • Hydro-Demolition manual and automated
  • Automated and Manual Tube bundle cleaning / pipe cleaning
  • Coating removable and Surface Preparation

Comprehensive Tank and Vessel Cleaning

  • The 360-Degree Cleaning Revolution

Utilising a specialised tank cleaning head which rotates 360 degrees inside the Vessel or Tank, we are able to provide a wall to wall clean without having to do a confined space entry. This method of cleaning is inherently safer and quicker then conventionally having operators enter to carry out the clean.

  • Safety Measures and Confined Space Entry

CSA also has highly skilled and qualified operators who are confined space entry trained to carry out works where the use of a tank cleaning head is not possible.

Cleaning with Peinemann Flex Lance

Utilising new and innovative equipment like the Peinemann flex lance unit our operators can quickly and safely lance all tubes along with high-pressure water blast all external parts. The revolutionary spinning heads used on our flex lances will provide the desired clean without damaging the tubes. Using high-pressure water is the most effective way to remove built-up scall and fouling, returning the heat exchanger to peak efficiency.

CSA's Hammelmann 250hp Ultra-High Pressure Unit

CSA has the capability to conduct all high pressure water blasting works utilising new state of the high pressure pumps ranging from l000 Bar to 2500 Bar with flow rates from 34 LPM to 212 LPM.

We have recently acquired an innovative Hammelmann 250hp Ultra-high pressure unit, a state-of-the-art piece of equipment in the field of hydro demolition and surface preparation. This powerful unit is capable of delivering 2500bar at 40lpm, positioning it as an ideal tool for a wide range of applications in concrete demolition and surface preparation.

Application in industrial sector Shutdowns for Maintenance Cleaning

CSA also specialise in industrial shutdown services to carry out cleaning maintenance work. CSA is renowned for its specialised approach to plant shutdowns, ensuring meticulous cleaning and maintenance work. Our team is trained to handle the complexities that come with shutting down a plant, from coordinating with various departments to ensuring that all safety protocols are strictly adhered to.

Commitment to Excellence and Safety

We use solution driven technology to achieve the best results for all our clients. CSA's Objective is to achieve the highest possible level of service for our clients without compromising the safely of our employees, subcontractors, public or environment.

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