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Food Grade Services

Our food grade services consist of emptying commercial grease traps and triple interceptor cleaning of all sizes.

When grease solidifies in sewer pipes and blocks them the consequential spills can cause damage and foul odours. A well-maintained grease trap will ensure overflows and blockages do not occur.

We work together with local Water Boards such as South East Water, City West Water and Yarra Valley Water to ensure your grease traps are emptied and cleaned within the regulated time frame. If required we can schedule grease traps for you to ensure they are cleaned on time as required by your local water board.

Who needs a grease trap and why it needs to be cleaned?

The purpose of having a grease trap is to prevent waste material from entering the public sewer. It is usually installed in between the waste pipes and sewer lines in commercial kitchens which allows the grease trap to accumulate and collect the oil and grease.

If not cleaned promptly, all the bacteria, organic waste, fat, oil and grease will accumulate and start to clog both the waste pipes and underground drainage systems.

Grease trap process diagram

How much does it cost to clean a grease trap?

Cost of grease trap cleaning depends on the size of your grease trap which can be as small as 50L and as big as 5000L. Here we have provided a guide on grease trap cleaning prices:

The average cost for cleaning a grease trap is anywhere between $120 to $5000.

The prices above are only an indication for common size grease traps and can be used as a general guide. For the exact prices, please contact CSA Operations.

How often should grease traps be pumped out?

The frequency is usually set by your local water authority. It depends on different factors such as the size of your grease trap, size of your business and type of food you serve. Below We have provided you with an indication which can be used as a general guide only:

Commonly, businesses that are located in Victoria should clean their grease traps at least once every 3 months. The busier your commercial kitchen, cafe or restaurant is, the more frequent cleaning is required.

If you refuse to install or maintain your grease trap, you will be fined by the local council, due to the damage grease does to public sewers.

Grease trap cleaning services

CSA grease trap cleaning service

CSA offers Melbourne and all suburbs of Victoria a deep clean service for all grease traps and triple interceptor. We remove and dispose of all contents in the grease trap by using our eductor truck. After performing a deep cleaning, the waste lines will be checked for blockages and the waste is disposed of at an environmental waste site.

We empty grease traps for local business all around Victoria, from small cafes to large Melbourne restaurants in the city, schools to RSL clubs and Bakeries to hotels. We also empty and clean triple interceptor for automotive manufacturing companies.

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