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Liquid Waste Removal

Liquid Waste removal is the collection, transportation, and disposal of all liquid wastes, including hazardous and prescribed wastes.

CSA provides professional liquid waste management services throughout the whole of Melbourne, Victoria including septic tank cleaning, sewage disposal, leachate collection and many more. We deliver industry accredited, professional liquid waste removal and disposal at the most competitive rates.

Our eco-sensitive solutions minimise risks of spills, seepage, leaks and other transportation-related matters as our equipment is designed to handle each job from beginning to end.

We often collect Liquid waste from different sites such as garages and petrol stations, car washes, treatment plants, oil, and chemical plants, mines, landfills, sewage, and drainage infrastructure, restaurants and food and drink manufacturers.

Some major types of liquid waste that we can collect, clean and dispose of are:

What is Liquid waste management?

Liquid waste is a type of liquid that is produced during the manufacturing process and is in the form of wastewater, grease, fats and other substances.

Hazardous and non-hazardous liquids need to be managed in an operative manner that complies with local and national governments laws surrounding the management of liquid waste. The produced chemicals are usually hazardous and pose potential damage to human health. It is necessary to manage and dispose of liquid waste effectively and thoroughly to avoid serious risks to the environment and humans.

Industrial liquid waste is a major type of liquid waste that is produced as a result of the manufacturing process.

Our liquid waste removal services include septic tank cleaning, oily water disposal, sludge, and silt disposal, catch pit and interceptor cleaning, sewage disposal, bund emptying, leachate collection and many more for industrial and commercial, utilities, marine, and domestic sectors.

Liquid Waste Removal Project in Melbourne

How much does liquid waste removal cost?

The cost of liquid waste removal depends on the size of the project and the amount of liquid that needs to be removed and disposed of. The type of liquid, whether it is hazardous or non-hazardous, can also affect the pricing.

Generally, the prices are calculated based on hourly rates and a minimum of 4 hours call out is applicable. A small septic tank cleaning cost starts from $380 plus GST with one operator. If the job requires more than one truck and more workmanship, it can cost more.

Why is liquid waste management needed?

Liquid waste poses serious risks to the environment and humans. Local and national government have set controlling regulations and requirements surrounding liquid waste and how companies plan to manage their liquid waste. There are also additional rules applying to the storing, transporting and disposing of the hazardous liquid wastes.

At CSA, we make it our business to remove the hassle that liquid waste creates and help you to efficiently dispose of the liquid waste in compliance with the local and national regulations. We pride ourselves in using innovative technologies and equipment that complete jobs swiftly and successfully.

Liquid Waste Removal Services Melbourne
Liquid waste removal services Melbourne
Liquid Waste Removal Truck - CSA Specialised Services

Why choose us?

CSA Specialised Services is one of the leading and specialist liquid waste companies in and around the Melbourne Metro, Mornington Peninsula, and Victoria. We have the knowledge & experience to advise our customers on any technical problems, along with close links with experienced operators.

Whether you require us for a major sized project or just a one-off service we have the knowledge and experience in dealing with them all. We are also iSO 9001, 14001 and 18001 accredited ensuring that each client receives a service they deserve which follows our rigorous checklists.


Our Fleet

Our fleet is both reliable and quick due to our constant improvements. We can get to you quickly if you require an instant liquid waste management service. Our Fleet of tankers can remove and carry most liquid wastes and are fully equipped to carry out and dispose of bulk liquid wastes. All our vehicles are EPA permitted.

CSA can deal with any spill and are ready to tackle all industrial and commercial environmental emergencies. We use the latest technology and methods to manage your liquid waste – If you would like to find more about our liquid waste management in Melbourne or get in touch regarding any questions or potential projects you, feel free to get in touch today!

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