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Liquid Waste Removal

Liquid Waste removal is the collection, transportation and disposal of all liquid wastes, including hazardous and prescribed wastes.

CSA offers professional liquid waste removal solutions for residential and commercial settings throughout the whole of Victoria. We employ eco-sensitive solutions that minimise risks from spills, seepage, leaks and other accidents as our equipment is designed to handle each job from beginning to end. At CSA we pride ourselves in using state-of-the-art innovative technologies that complete jobs swiftly and successfully.

Examples of what it can be used for:

We maintain a fleet of high powered vacuum tankers that collect and dispose of all types of hazardous and industrial liquid wastes. Liquid waste removal covers anything from Contaminated water in Telecommunications pits, an oil spill in a local river, storm water in blocked drains to hydrocarbon sludge, acids and alkalis, organic waste, heavy metals, flammable liquids, biological waste, landfill leachate, oxidisers and so much more.

Liquid Waste Removal Project in Melbourne
Liquid Waste Removal Services Melbourne
Hazardous Liquid Waste Removal by CSA Specialised Services
Liquid Waste Removal Truck - CSA Specialised Services

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