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Australia, along with many other countries, contributes in the millions of tonnes of waste generated yearly. It is therefore critical that we do our best to make sure that our disposal system can satisfactorily accommodate the rate with which we produce waste. Fortunately, our country has comprehensive standards in place ensuring that our safety and protection are never compromised.
CSA Specialised Services is committed to upholding these requirements by providing professional and innovative waste disposal solutions for Victorian residences and business establishments. We employ experienced specialists who know exactly what they are doing, and are dedicated to delivering results that minimize risks, improve security, and manage costs for our customers.
Here at CSA we know that waste management is a serious business, and we have a system that guarantees that it is never less than so for you. You are assured of finding collection, removal, and disposal strategies that are eco-sensitive, cost-effective, and compliance-driven.
With us, you will attain the peace of mind that only competent waste management offers.

Industries We Service

    • Asset Management for - Water Authorities

    • Local Councils

    • Government Authorities

    • Petroleum Industry

    • Construction Industry

    • Manufacturing/Industrial

    • Food/HospitalityIndustry

    • Chemical Industry

    • Car Wash Industry

& more

Suite of Services

We want to be your one-stop resource for all your waste removal needs. So, we offer a full suite of turnkey solutions that are designed to address any concern that you may have. These include:

Liquid Waste Removal We handle liquid waste in all its types and forms for our Melbourne clients, whether they are hazardous, flammable, neutral, inert, oil, or water.

Vacuum Loading – For faster removal of a wide range of debris – from slurries to clays – we utilise high-capacity vacuum tanks. We also ensure EPA-approved solutions in providing this service.

Hydro Excavation – Also known as non-destructive digging, we help you curb the potential for risk and other liabilities through expertly uncovering pipes, conduits, and cables and helping ensure everything is working fine.

Drain Cleaning – Our drain cleaning service covers inspection, maintenance, and remedial services for drains. With this, your establishment can be freed of debris, pollutants, as well as storm water.

Other Services include: Non-destructive Digging - CCTV Drain & Sewer inspections - Underground Pipe Locating Services - Confined Space Entry - Food Grade Services - General Waste & Equipment Hire - Laser Profiling and Asset Management

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If you want to know more about our Melbourne waste disposal services visit our contact page, or don't hesitate to ring us at 1300 859 829. Our lines are open 24/7 so we can serve you better.

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