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Pit & Tank Cleaning

Maintaining your equipment at its highest operational capacity is critical, and that includes keeping your vessels, pits, and tanks clean and compliant with OH&S regulations.

We at CSA Specialised Services, have extensive experience in the management and cleaning of all types of tanks and pits.

We pressure clean your tank and pit with our specialised equipment.
Our pit and tank management solutions allow you to efficiently manage your pit area without risk of contamination.

The types of tanks and pits that we clean include:

  • Water filtering tanks
  • Concrete, plastic, fibreglass, metal and lined tanks
  • Industrial storage tanks
  • Industrial chemical tanks
  • Vessels
  • Ship tanks
  • Oil storage tanks
  • Catch pits and rig pits
  • Septic Tanks

Vessel & Tank Cleaning Services

Tanks are used to hold a variety of materials, including hazardous and nonhazardous chemicals, petrochemicals, petroleum, and even food products such as milk and grain.

Tanks serve a significant role in our industries and communities, from municipal water storage tanks to power facilities, chemical processing plants, food production, and fire protection. When a tank or vessel has not been cleaned, solids and sludge (waste) accrue. Solids can be physically removed, but sometimes sludge and wastewater are drained to an onsite effluent tank, essentially catching all waste.

We can clean your tank and remove and take the waste to a licensed waste disposal site – in line with all environmental and legal requirements. It makes no difference what kind of residue you need to remove from your tanks. We can clean and rid your tank of acids, alkaline, flammables and even toxins.

It also makes no difference whether your tank is conventional or confined space entry, or what shape or size it is. We have a professional team, specialised equipment, and the knowledge to undertake your industrial project.

Pit Cleaning Services

The waste from a single storage tank or a group of storage tanks is collected in an effluent pit. When cleaning a pit or pipeline, we use high-pressure jetting equipment to utilise very powerful streamed jets of water.

Our equipment is the safest and most efficient way to clean pits. Our highly trained operators utilise a combination of water jet and vacuum loading trucks to break up the sludge and clean the wastewater. What this means for you is that any material that has become dislodged will be recovered and removed, preventing further downstream blockage.

Why Should you clean your pit and tank regularly?

Sites of a commercial nature gather and accumulate lots of waste and Effluent pits and tanks need to be cleaned out at regular intervals to prevent failure and a possible effect on your productivity.

Having your effluent pits cleaned on a regular basis can guarantee that your tanks, pumps, and other expensive technologies remain in good operating order, saving you money on replacement costs.

We provide a wide range of liquid waste management services and we have the ability to clean open pits or enclosed tanks.

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