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Non-Destructive Digging

Non-destructive digging, also referred to as hydro excavation, uses high-pressure water and vacuum to safely excavate soil, particularly around underground utilities.

NDD uses high-pressure water to remove material such as soil, dirt, and sand to expose the desired underground utility. A high-flow vacuum system extracts the dislodged material which allows for easy waste removal and creates a clean work site. This material is then taken offsite to a proper disposal facility.

Hydro Excavation Process

CSA regularly perform NDD around Melbourne's critical infrastructure such as sewer lines, power cables, gas lines, telecommunication cables and more.

Advantages of hydro excavation

This method of digging has the least environmental impact compared to traditional techniques. In fact, NDD is one of the most environmentally friendly ways for excavation due to its non-destructive nature. It also reduces the risk of damaging underground assets and utilities.

Hydro excavation requires less restoration and laborers as it is non-mechanical and therefore is more cost-effective and accurate.

It is now becoming the desired method in many industries due to its safety and precision. This technique is twice as fast compared to traditional mechanical excavators.

How much does vacuum excavation cost?

The cost of hydro excavation depends on many factors including waste disposal requirements, ground conditions, and asset locations.

Generally, the prices are calculated based on hourly rates and a minimum of 4 hours call out is applicable. The small hydro vacuum truck prices start from $235 per hour plus GST with one operator. If the job requires a bigger truck and more operators, it may cost more.

The hourly price provided is only a guide for common small projects and for the exact prices, CSA representative must assess the project before quoting.

Hydro excavation trucks

Hydro excavation trucks are useful for cleaning as well as excavation. Generally, NDD requires a large truck that uses suction and holds debris in tanks.
Melbourne's ground condition can often be harsh which requires efficient equipment. Our trucks are equipped with the latest technology which allows us to service small and large projects throughout Melbourne. See below some of the common types of trucks that are used for hydro excavation:

Hydro Excavation Truck
CSA fleet - combination truck

NDD applications

Hydro excavation can be used to pothole and assist in detecting underground utilities such as pipes and cables. This technique minimizes the damage and disruption and is widely recognised as the safest method of excavation. Telecommunications, utility providers and construction companies use NDD on their benefit. This method is widely recommended for below services:

  • Planting
  • Removing and remediating trees
  • Excavating around underground utilities
  • Potholing or day-lighting
  • Excavation of trenches
  • Power pole straightening

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