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CCTV Inspections

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) Inspections is the monitoring and surveillance of pipes and drains for the purpose of reinstatement.

CSA offers state of the art CCTV video capture technology to assess the structural integrity of drains, pipes and sewers ranging from 50mm to 2400mm. The high-resolution images help provide a clear indication of pipe condition and potential defects. At CSA, we combine Laser technology with conventional CCTV inspections to provide valuable data previously unavailable to system owners and project engineers. Our inspection crew both identify and fix drain, pipe and sewer faults, ensuring a complete, reliable and affordable solution.

Examples of what it can be used for:

CCTV inspections are typically used for assessing the structural integrity of drains and indicating pipe condition. It can also be used to assess potential defects and locate leaks or damages within a drain.

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