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Specialty Services

CSA offer a wide variety of specialty services ranging from civil construction to Operating pumps, allowing us to further support the needs of our clients.

Our specialty services include Civil Construction, building and reinstatement of retaining and protection walls and concrete laying. We have earth moving equipment and excavators for earth works and property developments as well as offering a range of other specialty services such as cleaning out live furnaces, skip hire to ensure a tidy work site and sewer and storm water plug installation.

Examples of what it can be used for:

Our fleet is comprised of a range of equipment and trucks that can work together to support the specific needs of our clients. Our construction services along with our team of experts are utilised for protecting and maintaining damage to heritage listed structures, laying concrete and general maintenance and civil services. We also have a variety of earth moving equipment and excavators that allows us to offer a wide range of specialised serviced.

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