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Our Fleet

CSA fleet - combination vacuum truck

Combination Trucks

Multitasking Units

Our combination trucks are multitasking units, they come with a 25mm jet hose for drain cleaning at 2000 PSI and 180m long.  The vacuum hose on a combination unit can be adjusted to suit specific tasks and jobs. Several of our combination units can vacuum dry product and all units are fitted with a high pressure pump at 4000 PSI for hydro excavation and can be adjusted to suit client’s pressure restraint.

CSA fleet - eductor truck

Eductor Trucks

Our eductor trucks can hold 12,000l and come with 100mm or 75mm hose. They also come with a high pressure gun for hydro excavation and washing down pits and tanks at the rear of each truck. Our eductor trucks are commonly used for wet well cleans, sewers, septics and transporting bulk water.

CSA Specialised Fleet - Hydro Excavation Truck

Hydro Excavation Trucks

Our hydro excavation trucks come in 2 sizes. We have several 8,000l trucks that come with a 6inch hose, and 6,000l trucks that come with a 4inch hose. Our HE trucks are primarily used for non destructive digging (aka hydro excavation) such as potholing or vacuum loading.

CSA fleet - street sweepers


Our street sweepers are used for civil maintenance work, they are often used on large work sites to clear the path of dust and rubble.

CSA fleet - CCTV van


We have a variety of CCTV vans all with specific capabilities. Our vans are used for pipe inspections, pipe repairs, unclogging, laser profiling and more, and our equipment can service drains from 50mm up to 2000mm.

CSA fleet - confined space entry van

Confined Space Entry Vans

Our CSE (confined space entry) vans are required primarily for transporting the appropriate equipment and PPE (personal protective equipment) for confined space entry to and from site. CSE is usually required when entering drains, manholes or any enclosed or partially enclosed space that is not designed to be occupied by a person. Confined space entry must only be undertaken by qualified personnel.

CSA fleet - excavators


We have 3 types of excavators which can all be used for different purposes. Our fleet consists of a 13t excavator, a mini excavator and a 5t hydraulic excavator. The excavators are used for various construction and earth excavation works.

CSA fleet - hooklift truck


Our hooklift truck carries our 10l, 15l and 23l hook bins to and from site. It’s primary purpose is towing trailers, hooking and tilting skip bins.

CSA fleet - heavy vacuum truck front

Heavy Vacuum Trucks

Our heavy vacuum trucks are powerful hydro excavation trucks. Unlike our combination units which  run at 1800 cfm, our heavy vacuum trucks are a powerful 6000 cfm with a 10,000l capacity. Similar to our combination units, our heavy vacuum trucks are used for hydro excavation as well as vacuuming sludge. These units can vacuum both dry and wet product.

CSA fleet - hot wash van

Hot Wash Van

Our hot wash van has a hot high pressure hose that can be used for washing all kinds of surfaces including oil off roads and graffiti off wall. The hot wash van is commonly used for washing down roads when responding to emergency call outs.

CSA fleet - jet truck

Jet Trucks

Our jet trucks come with both large and mini jets that can clean drains from 50mm dimeter. Our jet hoses are 25mm at 2,000 PSI and 180m long, these can be extended to 300m. All units can come with root cutters from 100mm to 450mm with various nozzle options.

CSA Specialised Services Fleet - Prime Mover

Prime Mover

Our prime mover is designed specifically for towing. The high towing capacity allows our prime mover to tow our large Frac tankers as well as other machinery required on site such as oil tankers.

CSA fleet - skidsteer


Ours skidsteer comes with a bucket, mulcher, blade & tilt hitch and is used for loading tippers, assisting with clean up work and is regularly used on de-silting jobs. Our skidsteer has a 30,000l capacity.

CSA fleet - water cart

Water Cart

Our water cart comes with a high pressure hose that assists in cleaning dirty or dusty surfaces. The water cart can be used to transport water, fill water barriers and refill our jet and combination trucks when on site.

CSA fleet - dingo


Our dingo is primarily used for de-silting drains as it comes with several drain cleaning attachments, it is a front end loader that also comes with a bucket and auger attachment.

CSA fleet - civil truck

Civil Trucks

We have several civil trucks here at CSA, one of which is our state of the art civil truck which comprises a tipper body, its own compressor and safe storage for smaller equipment such as wheelbarrows and jackhammers. Our Civil Trucks are used for maintenance hole rehabilitation and various other civil works.

CSA fleet - locating ute

Locating Utes

Our locating utes come with all the equipment required for utility service locating. This equipment includes spray paint for marking and radio detection 8000 locators. The utes are used to store and transport locating equipment to and from site.

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