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Emergency Response

Emergency incident response is the coordination and direction of resources and manpower to respond to an urgent event.

Our Emergency Response services for chemical, water, sewage, and oil spill throughout the whole of Melbourne, Victoria include:

  • Oil & diesel spill clean up
  • Chemical spills and truck rollovers clean up
  • Major industrial fire clean up
  • Sewer blockages and overflows
  • Floods decontamination

Our highly trained team is experienced in a wide variety of incidents including industrial fires, leaking tanks, road traffic incidents involving chemical/oil spills, dumped chemical and toxic substances, pollution to waterways/drainage systems and many more incidents.

It is important for us to preserve and protect our environment by responding to emergencies. We can protect and save local waterways from contamination. Our emergency team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can respond to you within 1 hour and provide immediate action to minimise dangers and damages. They have the right training to contain and clean up oil, chemical, water, or sewage spill.

We have specialised vehicles and equipment manufactured to deal with a wide range of contaminants, and hazardous and non-hazardous spills.

Emergency Spills & Truck Rollovers Clean Up

Oil, diesel and chemical spills can have serious consequences to the environment and need to be containment immediately. Delays can result in costly clean up if the spill contaminates the land or enters the drainage system.

Truck rollovers can create spills or debris on the road which needs to be cleaned up immediately to avoid traffic congestion and environmental hazards.

We have worked with local Water Boards such as Melbourne Water, South East Water, City West Water, and Yarra Valley Water to contain oil and chemical spills. Our emergency team has carried out various spill and debris cleanups for utilities, marine, commercial and industrial sectors.

Our emergency spill response team operates across Melbourne, Victoria and we are a licensed waste carrier and are fully accredited by the Victorian waste management association.

Industrial Fire Clean-up & Floods Decontamination

Flood water, chemical waste and fire wash water drained into a local creek can be a major environmental disaster. Containing the pollutant before entering the wetlands is crucial to minimise the impacts of the fire on local waterways.

Our emergency response team is specialists in containment, decontamination, and disposal of chemical and biological materials. It is important for us to preserve and protect our environment. By responding to flood and fire clean up emergencies at a reactive rate, we can protect and save local waterways from contamination.

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