Liquid Waste Removal


Professional Liquid Waste Removal Solutions

We maintain a fleet of high powered vacuum tankers that are able to collect and dispose of all types of hazardous and industrial liquid wastes such as:

● Oily water ● Bulk Haulage

● Hydrocarbon sludge

● Acids ● Alkalis ● Organic waste

● Heavy metals (including Chromium)

● Flammable liquids (solvents & petroleum)

● Landfill leachate removal

● Biological waste ● Oxidisers and more

CSA offers professional liquid waste removal solutions for Melbourne residential and commercial settings. We strive to grant peace of mind to households and businesses because we know that proper waste management is integral to ensuring safety, health, and protection for everybody.

Liquid waste comes from different sources, and it exists in several forms. Both residences and commercial establishments contribute to its generation, which means that homes and businesses should be more than able to satisfactorily contribute to its removal and disposal.

Established System and Innovative Technologies
We draw from a decade of experience in the industry in providing our services. This has helped us design strategies and techniques that deliver results that will address your specific need. Our system has also been in place for a long time, so you don’t have to worry about receiving services that have not been tried and tested yet.

We also pride ourselves in using state-of-the-art innovative technologies that complete jobs swiftly and successfully. Our equipment can handle every part of the process, from non-destructive digging to vacuum loading. We also guarantee cost and time savings for you, as well as optimal protection for your assets.

Compliant, Turnkey Solutions
Australian laws mandate certain regulations for proper liquid waste management. At CSA Specialised Services, we ensure that our services are in compliance with all these environmental and health standards. This is why we employ eco-sensitive solutions that will minimize risks from spills, seepage, leaks, and other accidents, as well as protect the environment from ill chemical consequences.

We also provide a full suite of disposal and removal solutions, so you don’t need to look for a different provider for all your needs. We also offer turnkey solutions that cover all requirements of solid or liquid waste removal for Melbourne businesses including documentation, disposal and risk management. We also aim to help you save your resources – no matter how big or small your project is. Oils, water, hazardous or neutral, flammable or inert, regardless of volume, CSA will make it easier and more cost-effective for you to manage the removal and disposal of your liquid waste.

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