Compliant-Driven Waste Removal Solutions

CSA Specialised Services is a leading provider of waste removal services in Melbourne. With households and commercial establishments producing a large amount of waste and debris every day, we know our service is a much needed one. We make it our business to rid your dwelling or place of business of solid or liquid wastes, as well as other materials that pose health and liability risks. With 10 years of experience in the industry, we have the technologies, people, and skills that are critical to giving results that guarantee health, safety, and cost management for you. Our solutions are carefully designed to comply with existing mandates from several agencies in the country. We also use eco-sensitive processes, which assure you of end-results that will not harm you, your family, your employees, and the environment.

Complete Range of Solutions

CSA is a full-service company that is dedicated to addressing all of your waste management requirements. We provide:

  • Liquid Waste Disposal
  • Vacuum Loading
  • Hydro Excavation
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Emergency Spill Service
  • CTTV Inspections
  • Equipment Rental or Hire

We also offer competitive and cost effective turnkey solutions that take care of all aspects of waste removal for Melbourne businesses including documentation, disposal and risk management.

Experienced Team of Specialists

We believe that our services are only as good as the people that provide them. This is why we have invested in a team that will not disappoint you. Our specialists have had extensive experience with all types of waste removal management projects, so we are confident that we can handle yours. Our people are also steeped in the ideals of fairness and professionalism so you can look forward to receiving high-quality results, as well as an experience that you will want to repeat.

Efficient and Comprehensive System

We employ a waste removal system that is oriented toward optimal efficiency. Our expert team strictly follows a stringent process for recovery, collection, and disposal. Our suite of innovative technologies also ensures immediate results. This way, we can help you curb costs that come from damage that has escalated, as well as decrease the potential for liability issues.

Contact Us

Call us at 1300 859 829 to talk to our friendly staff or visit our contact page. You will be pleased to know that we have cost-effective rates for you, so we can help you better take care of your waste removal concerns.

Services overview

  • CCTV Inspections

    CSA offers state of the art CCTV video capture technology to assess the structural integrity of new and existing drains, pipes and sewers ranging from 50mm to 2400mm. The high resolution images...

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  • Emergency Incident Response

    CSA provides a 24/7 emergency response team for immediate clean up of hazardous spills. Our highly trained teams are specialists in containment, decontamination and disposal of chemical and biological materials. Our service...

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  • Liquid Waste Removal

    Professional Liquid Waste Removal Solutions We maintain a fleet of high powered vacuum tankers that are able to collect and dispose of all types of hazardous and industrial liquid wastes such as:...

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  • Vacuum Loading

    Our powerful vacuum tankers are EPA licensed and are an extremely fast and effective way to collect all types of waste in hard to get areas such as: ● Concrete slurries ●...

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