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Hydro Excavation Trucks

Our hydro excavation trucks are primarily used for non destructive digging such as potholing or trenching.

Excavation trucks are commonly used for performing non-destructive excavation around Melbourne's critical infrastructure such as sewer lines, power cables, gas lines, telecommunication cables and more.

Specifications of hydro excavation trucks

Our HE trucks come in several different sizes
ranging from 6,000lt with a 100mm hose to 12,000lt with a 150mm hose. Some of the features and specifications of NDD trucks are listed below:

  • Debris tank: 6000lt - 120001t.
  • Water tank: up to 4000lt.
  • Vacuum hose diameter: 100mm - 150mm.
  • Vacuum pump range: up to 2450cfm.
  • Hydraulic boom for easier access to hard to reach areas.
  • Water pump pressure: up to 4000psi.
  • Rear opening door for discharge.

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