General Waste



General Waste

General waste management can be categorised as any type of waste that cannot be recycled and is not hazardous or prescribed. This waste is then transported to a certified landfill or transfer station and disposed of in accordance with EPA regulations. Bins are available in the following sizes:

  •  6m3, 8m3,10m3, 12m3
  • 15m3, 20m3, 30m3

General waste services are considered any waste that you throw in your waste basket at home or in the office. However, you must understand what general waste is not to make sure you are throwing the right items in the trash. Read over each of the items below to learn what you should throw out as general waste.

Item #1: Non-Recyclable Materials

You keep a recycling bin in your home or office, and those items go to a recycling centre. Often, these items are picked up by a different truck or service. The non-recyclable waste that you throw away is picked up by our trucks. Our trucks pick up waste from home trash cans and large waste bins. While we use special trucks to make waste removal simple, we ask that space around each waste bin be clear for safety reasons.

Item #2: Non-Hazardous Materials

You may never come into contact with hazardous materials, but you must understand that hazardous materials cannot be picked up through our general waste services. Any material that could be considered hazardous must be thrown away through special means.

Also, there are prescribed ways for some items to be disposed. If you know that you must follow certain disposal procedures for items, you cannot leave them in our general waste bins. Our general waste bins must be kept relatively sanitary.

Item #3: You Should Throw Out Food Waste and Trash

Any other trash or food waste you have goes in our general waste bins. These items are not hazardous, and these items do not pose a threat to our garbage collectors. You should fill each of your waste bins with as much garbage as possible before each pickup.

Item #4: Transfer

We take all the general waste we pick up to a transfer station or certified landfill for processing. We use state and federal guidelines to dispose of the waste items we pick up. We work with municipal authorities to make sure we are following proper guidelines, and this effort is why we prefer to pick up your general waste for you.

Item #5: The Bins

Large waste bins come in many sizes. You must choose a bin that matches the size of your home or business. We can offer tips for selecting the right bin based on the size of your family or business, but we leave the final decision up to you. Once you have chosen the proper waste bin, we set up a pickup schedule that matches our current routes.

With general waste pickup, the waste bins in every office and room can be emptied into our special bins. We do the waste removal for every customer as a matter of convenience. We take only non-hazardous and non-recyclable materials in our general waste bins, and we make certain that you have the opportunity get your general waste picked up regularly.