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Operation Sludge Cleaner

Working with liquid waste isn't always as glamorous as it's cracked up to be. Some of our new operators discovered the truth of working at a treatment plant in February.


Six of our skilled operators and labourers spent four days in February at a treatment plant in the outer suburbs of Victoria. We enjoy our regular visits to the creek, where the treatment plant is located (even though the work can sometimes prove to cause some nose pinching). As per usual, before they began to put themselves to work cleaning the Aeration tanks, the liquid waste was drained from the tanks making it available to access. Once drained, this leaves a large amount of rag and sludge that needs to be cleaned out of the tank. The best PPE for the job consisted of Tyveks, gloves, safety glasses and gumboots. Our job was to educt the waste left at the bottom of the tank and to clean the remnants of inside so that it's ready to be filled again. Take a look at some of the photos provided to see the work that was conducted over the four days.

Brushy Creek Tank 1
Brushy Creek Job 2
Brushy Creek Hydro 3

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