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Service Locating 304 Potholes Deep

With Utility Locating, Hydro Excavation, Surveying and Road Reinstatement's stretching from Fitzroy North to the Melbourne Cricket Ground, this will certainly be a project to remember.


We are coming to an end of one of our larger projects, which began 4th of March, stretching five kilometres away from Fitzroy North and went right down to the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), running through both Collingwood and East Melbourne.

Some examples of the services we provided were Utility Locating, Hydro Excavation, Surveying and Road Reinstatement's. The purpose of the project was to locate and identify existing utility services that will clash with design depths of a new Water Main renewal.

In total the project consisted of 304 pot holes which were split between two crews. Our crews were led by none other than Shaun Scott and Jamie Hildred. Other workers included Jake Rainbow, Josh Kini, Ricky Davis, Brad Holton and Mark Jackson, who all did an awesome job to deliver the large project in a timely manner exceeding the client's expectations.

We asked one of the project leader's, Jamie Hildred, for the inside scoop on the challenges he faced while working on the project. “The job itself wasn’t a challenge but the ground conditions and traffic management added challenges to the job”. We stabilised good traffic management through occasionally closing down roads or through issuing night shifts, allowing a quieter time frame on the roads for us to complete works required. Ground conditions were taken on the chin by our team as there's not a lot that can be done and of course our motto, "we never say no".

The water main itself is almost 100 years old, no wonder it needs to be upgraded! The main is constructed from mild steel and has begun to show evidence of internal corrosion. We used our Service Locators to identify and designate underground cabling, pipes/conduits. Once we had located these services, we saw cut out sections of asphalt/concrete and begin hydro excavation to expose the utility and depth to surface. We then surveyed the exposed utilities to create a map, so the client can pinpoint the depth and location of each potential obstruction during construction of the new main.

The new main is set to The project is due to end in the coming weeks.

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